Lannan/Lo is a polytheist pagan artist with a keen interest in multiple disciplines, spanning casein, oil, illustration, cartooning, fiber, land art, and object-making. His work primarily addresses a lifelong relationship with the numinous, bringing a sense of myth, spirit, and reverence of place into tangible focus for the viewer, implicating them in a “more-than-human” world.

As such, a large part of their artistic practice involves working bioregionally with the land, including foraging for dyes, inks, and paint pigments from the local environment. No solvents, harsh chemicals, or single-use products are used in the studio, and all painting is done on wood, ethically-sourced canvas and linen, or found objects.

Lannan currently lives and works on unceded land known as Vancouver, British Columbia, and is humbly situated with a numinous western view of mountains, sea, and sky.


There are few terrestrial sources of blue color both fast and ephemeral. Most are sourced from chthonic places, deep in the earth. Two of my favorite blue pigments come to us, directly or indirectly, through the death and decay of living things: vivianite, often found growing as crystals on bones in anaerobic environments, and Prussian blue, of which the original 300-year old recipe made use of blood.