Some teas I've met and enjoyed.

Pu'erh & Black

Getting into pu'erh tea. I haven't had many varieties, and tend to brew and drink most black teas like coffee so I usually buy the cheaper stuff. With high quality tea I will brew and drink it more traditionally.

Ancient Big White: raw pu'erh ↗


Love, love, love hojicha. I always drink with a little cream or soy milk and liquid stevia.

Uji Hojicha ↗

Amoda Hojicha ↗

Matcha & Green

Generally enjoy matchas best in latte form, though I'd love to learn the art of the tea ceremony someday too.

Aiya Organic Culinary Grade Matcha ↗

Organic Traditions Matcha Latte ↗

Floral & Herbal

Two Hills Earl Gray Blue Matcha ↗

Seriously Chocolate Tea ↗