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Lannan is a polytheist ↗ and animist artist working in multiple disciplines, including painting, drawing, poetry, and textiles. The goal of this work is to simply honor the ancestors, the mythic, spiritual, and sublime, and his place within it all.

Lannan currently lives and works on the unceded land known as Vancouver Island.


Neptantla is a Nahuatl term used to describe a "middle path", the state of being "in-between", or more simply, "liminality". It is the sense of embodying a reconciliation of opposites that is unique to the Latin American experience, born from centuries of mixing indigenous, colonial, settler, and other realities and embracing what emerges through the meeting of fluid multiplicities. It can also desribe the strange meeting place of the human and more-than-human.

"Bone Blue"

There are few terrestrial sources of blue color. If not the products of human alchemy or the sacred indigo vat, most are sourced from chthonic places, deep in the earth. Two of my favorite blue pigments come to us, directly or indirectly, through the death and decay of living things: vivianite, a sacred mineral of the Coast Salish peoples often found growing as crystals on bones in anaerobic environments, and Prussian Blue, a detoxifying agent commonly used in medicine, of which the original 300-year old recipe made use of blood.

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